Terms & Conditions

Buffets4Business Admin Office Hours are 7am-3pm Monday – Friday.


Ordering Process:

All orders can be placed online up to 5am on the day the buffet is required except specialist options – Charcuterie and Sushi menus (Cut off 10.00 am the day before). Both Corporate Menus (Fixed Menus Per Person) and Retail Menus can be found on the Buffets4Business website. The same login can be used to access either menu. However, you cannot mix menus for one lunch order as they are set up and produced separately.



We place orders with our suppliers for specialist items by 10AM each day. If you need to reduce or cancel your order the following conditions apply:

Cancellation & Reduction Policy –

Healthy, Boardroom, Christmas & Retail Menus – These menu’s can be reduced or cancelled up to 10AM the day before the buffet is required with no charge. If you would like to cancel/reduce after this, up until 3pm the day before the buffet is required, you will incur a 50% charge. Our office closes at 3pm, we cannot accept any cancellations or reductions as your buffet would be locked into the production schedule, a 100% charge will be incurred.

If you need to reduce Retail orders, please specify the exact product you would like to take out. Cancellation terms apply as above.

Office & Canapé Menus –  You can reduce or cancel these menus up to 3pm with no charge the day before the buffet is required. After 3pm a 50% charge will incur. On the day of the buffet we cannot cancel or reduce your buffet, a 100% charge will incur is you do so.

For Monday deliveries, cut off for all cancellations or number changes will be 3pm the previous Friday. Any additional bookings or number changes will be subject to food availability, booking volume and delivery. Please also note your booking is not cancelled until you receive a confirmation from the bookings team.


Buffet Number Increases:

You can increase buffet numbers on the Corporate Menu and add on products from the Retail Menu to your order up to 3pm the day before the buffet is required via email (except LB5 & LB6, which has to be before 10AM). As our office closes at 3pm after this an increase will only be accepted through the online ordering system, our usual minimum order and numbers apply.



All buffets deliveries are chilled up until the point of delivery. By law each client has 4 hours to consume the buffets kept at ambient temperatures. Buffets4business will deliver as close to the time you require the buffet however we ask our clients to be flexible. B4B will always deliver your buffet prior to your requested time however we plan our delivery times upon location, size of buffet and
route access. If our clients do not have any flexibility with certain buffets we ask you to state this at the time of order. You will be requested to sign for every order to acknowledge receipt of the buffet and
your understanding of the 4-hour rule.



Corporate Menu –  The Corporate menu is ideal for customers who want a predefined volume of food for the number of people attending. It includes a list of set buffet menus for all levels. Each option is priced per person with a starting minimum of 4 people. We do not charge for delivery hence we have a minimum drop. Each menu has the option to add extra platter or upgrade certain dishes. The fillings
and items are changed each day for variation. However, we cannot substitute or change platters for other dishes with different costs not offered in the menu. If your preferred menu is not available, the retail option will be an alternative.

Retail Menu –

The new Retail Menu allows you to build your own buffet priced per platter. This gives you the flexibility to personalise you lunch to meet the needs of your business. Platter cannot be changed in number and must be purchased according to their size. You are responsible for the volume of food for your buffet. Unlike the Corporate menu based per person the minimum drop is £30 for any delivery. The retail offer is delivered in a removal carrier for access throughout your building. The menu can be accessed only online through the website with the same login details.



You can pay directly by credit card through your online portal, just click pay invoice. Alternatively, you can request a link to be sent to you to pay later by card. Your credit facility is available also for the retail service.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact buffets4business either by email at orders@buffetsforbusiness.com or by landline 0203 3257780.